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Hello, internet traveller. Welcome to my personal website! Thank you so much for visiting!

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March 3, 2023

FINALLY!! After three months, the messienoobie About page is live!!!!

We'd think that the about page would be the first page completed, but whatever. I had a lot to write about. Obviously I'll keep updating though! Still have bunch of pictures I must display!!

  Other stuff:

  • Navigation bar overhaul (not finished; currently looking for ideal buttons)
  • Added a visitor counter but immediately regretted it because it's 80% me
  • Started uploading the new secret content I've been working on forever. You can jump from the About page for a sneak peek but it's still in testing phase.

Well, that's it for now. Goodbye folks, and keep on browsing!! I gotta go back to presentationmaking.
I spent the whole night updating my site when I was supposed to be defending my thesis.

December 30, 2022

I've created a new page! Drumroll please!!!

Behold... messienoobie's EMBARASSING HIGHSCHOOL SHIT is online!!!! ENJOY!!!!

Other stuff:

  • Added a chatbox
  • Added a small section where a random AI-generated image of Sergeant Keroro is displayed
  • General CSS update

I must say, my website is getting more and more interesting! Keep on browsing!!

wait...aren't you supposed to write your master paper....?


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Random AI-generated Keroro image!

Wait for my Makin' Fun of AI images page for more!!

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