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Hello! I am messienoobie, the owner of this website!!
Here's a bit about me, because I love talkin' 'bout myself!!

This is what I actually look like, and this is where you can play dressup with my actual clothes (WIP).

Name: Anna
Birthday: May 30, 1998, same as this guy....
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: 3rd-year graduate student
Pronouns: she/her
Personality: ESFP, 9w8
Was INTP until middle school. I stopped thinking lol
Sexuality: either Pansexual or Bisexual
(awkward thumbs-up & thrift store variation)
Philosophy: Discordian

In real life I’m a 25 year old grad student/developmental biologist, researching mRNA translation repression mechanisms using zebrafish embryos (hence the scrolling fish).
I'd like to call myself... a Bilingual Bisexual Biologist                                          
However being real honest I'm thinking of a way to master out & leave academia. I am not smart enough for this and scientists are arseholes.
2023/8/24 UPDATE: Too late for Mastering Out, I'm a PhD student!! Scientists are still assholes. More and more understanding that Science is just a dogma same as religion or whatever. I do appreciate the reproducibility, but...

Where do you live??

I live in Hokkaido, the northernmost island in Japan. Weeaboos might know it from Golden Kamuy or something. Non-weeaboos might know it as a nice place to powder ski. Basically, it's Sinnoh, and I live in Jubilife city. The whole island is very cold in winter and not meant for humans to live. Here are some pictures I took: (*WILL UPDATE WITH PICTURES I TOOK LATER*)

So... you lived an anime life? uwu?

No. My background is kinda interesting, if I say so myself. I was born to Japanese parents in Japan, so I was supposed to go to a Japanese school and live a normal Japanese life (whatever that means). But when I was 2 or 3 my parents got tired of me being at home 24/7 and decided to enroll me in a US-style K-12 international school because it accepted younger children. So here I am... a worthless idiot neither fluent in English nor Japanese! LMAO!!

What's your problem, weirdo

I am diagnosed with OCD after severe dermatillomania issues. I don't have nightmares per se but I keep on having the same dream about highschool and I'd like to get out of it! Also when I read something (tweets or books, anything) I have unrelated background images pop up (it is not "intrusive" but it's weird). I suffer with every day tasks/grad school, my WAIS-III test results is very similar to inattentive-ADHD but doctors are hesitant on medicating me.
My most damning secret is that I used to be a Teacher Crush Community kind of person from middle school to undergrad! Glad I grew out of it. I still think Peter Capaldi is super attractive though.....

Fave things

Indie games. Especially puzzles and roguelikes!
I don't like reading but I love listening to podcasts. A willllld range of podcasts.
Musical theatre! Workplace sitcoms. Funny mockumentaries. I started going to improv classes lol
Social science, people in general.
Taking pictures of my plushies!
Experimental chaos magick, celebrity gossip, weird-ass toys etc.

Fan of William Finn (composer/lyricist) & Anno Moyoko (manga author).


I will ehhhhventually display a bunch of things I love here. Because I have great taste!!

My most favorite album, ever.
You should listen to it while you scroll this page ;)

Random AI-generated Keroro image!

Wait for my Makin' Fun of AI images page for more!!

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